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District 69 Games Rules

District 69 Games Community Rules:

1. Do not advertise, promote and discuss other servers or chat platforms directly/indirectly/suggestively. Do not invite or recruit D69 members directly/indirectly to said servers or platforms.
2. English Speaking server.
3. Do not be bad mannered, no spam, trolling, or raging. Do not lie about ur age. Do not be annoying and NO DRAMA!
4. Please be respectful of all the members. Do not insult others (including the server, community members staff etc; whether direct or indirect including negative emotes on any pictures. Do not be annoying or obnoxious.
5. NO Racism, racial slurs, sexism
6. Do not tag staff without a relevant or important purpose. Do not backseat moderate, call for staff when needed.
7. Do not undermine or tell a staff to cool off/chill/calm down when they're doing their job. Do not question staff decisions including why members r warned/blacklisted
8. Do not ask request for any special privileges. This includes asking for staff roles [Mod powers], [Colors], [Special titles],[Special Roles], or for [new roles to be made] or a new channels to be made.
9. Do not bring other personal & server drama of any kind including members u may or may not have banned on ur server into any chat on our server, keep drama to urself, ur servers
10. Do not ask to be staff
11. Do not talk about self harm or encourage self harm
12. Do not post with selling content

District 69 Games Server Rules:

1. Follow all District 69 Games Community Rules
2. Do not impersonate other players/staff.
3. No Hacking/Exploting Allowed.
4. Keep games SFW (PG-13).
5. Do not attempt to attack our community in any form or fashion (ex: DDoS, Hate campaigns, Griefing/Trolling, spreading false rumors, etc)

By participating in our community and using our services you agree to these rules. You also agree that we withhold the right to ban any user for any reason we deem necessary. Bans from the Discord server cannot and will not be appealed. We provide no support for the gaming community/servers on our Discord server, if something happens in game, report it in our forums.

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